Task Force 121 - An Arma 3 & Gaming Community

Arma 3

Founded in September 2016, we are an established and tight-knit community consisting of Arma players from across different walks of life and places in the world, combining US forces from multiple branches to deliver a varied and exciting experience for our members.

While no unit is totally unique, TF121 attempts to break out by being relaxed and professional in the realism department. Immersion is important but we eschew all the “dead weight.” We don’t have a mod for every little thing. We don’t insist that you drop real life into oblivion for a game. We don’t put new member through overly-developed and lengthy training schedules. We believe that everyone has a certain taste and style to their Arma preference. We focus on common sense but accurate policies, short training, high energy operations, active player base, and approachable but fleshed out realism and immersion.

We have multiple sections working both independently and cooperatively to bring a new level of coordinated missions. With experienced pilots and ground forces we can forge exciting sessions with our membership. We want to present an active and high-energy environment that is professional when we need to be, laid back the rest of the time, and fun all the time. Our leadership is adept at what they do, whether it is designing missions and operations, or getting everyone hyped to get some game time in. We hope by reading this website you will get a glimpse of what it's like to be apart of one of the strongest Arma 3 communities in existence and help you decide if we are the right group for you.












About Us

  • We are a US/North American-based community focused on US Army light infantry with American support assets.

  • We're a medium-size group, ranging from 20-30 members on average per operation.

  • We play Arma on Sunday nights at 1830 CST (US/NA). Operations last from 2-3 hours on average.

  • We have members from the age of 17 to their 60s. We have members from Indonesia to Brazil to the UK. They come from all walks of life from plumbers to students to corporate managers to military officers. We are more than an Arma unit, we have a tightly knit community and we often play other games together.

  • We want to get new members in the game quickly, and our basic training is designed to do just that: teach only what we do. Advanced training, such as flight, JTAC, medical, etc., can vary in training times and require you to be in the unit for some time first.

  • We know Arma is a game and we just want to know that you’re up to speed. That is also why our attendance policy is a bit unorthodox, we only require you to tell us if you plan on attending or not. Though activity has its own rewards, we do not punish or adversely affect you if you can’t make it to a game session.

What We Look for in Potential Arma 3 Applicants

  • Age 18+

  • Proficiency in conversational in English

  • Valid copy of Arma 3

  • The APEX DLC

  • Working speakers/headset and microphone

  • Positive attitude, high personal integrity, and maturity

  • ​Motivated and dedicated individuals that are willing to help this community be the best it can be

To be very clear, we do not care how tactically proficient an applicant is, or how many hours in Arma they may have. In game tactics and skill can be learned with time, bad attitudes can't be fixed over the internet. We maintain our community's health as our highest priority expect applicants to do the same. If the above sounds right up your alley please visit our application page, or hop into our Discord/TeamSpeak anytime to talk to some of the unit members. We look forward to playing with you!

Gaming Community

Task Force 121 was founded in September 2016 as a ArmA III milsim group. The first operation was on 14 October 2016. We had ten people attend. Most of us knew each other from other units. We had enough people to start recruiting for real, and little by little we grew. We decided that we wanted to make sure we provided a good experience for our membership and that we would acknowledge that fun came before realism. We wanted to have a group where members weren’t just numbers, but friends.


Fast forward to late summer 2018, we had a solid group of members and hardly a week went by without someone new coming in, growth was steady and for the most part Task Force 121 was rolling forward with strength. I, however, long since felt that Task Force 121 could be more than an ArmA milsim unit, as I had seen the group – I dare say community – form into its own micro-culture. We had regulars and weekend warriors, but it was a community. I felt that it was time to make that shift from a milsim unit to a gaming community. Easier said than done, however.

The transition was and will continue to be slow, by nature of our history and membership we were a gaming community focused on ArmA, which didn’t conflict with my intentions. However my intent was to eventually decentralize the community away from ArmA dependency. I held and continue to hold that if TF121 clings to one game, it will die. I and many others have put far too much time, money, and effort into TF121 to let it fade like that. So it was a rush to find another way.


ArmA III has many problems, it also occupies a niche since no other commercially available series really offers anything close at this time, as far as any of us are aware of. It is the pillar of TF121’s efforts and I don’t want to get away from it entirely. I want to introduce many others to add pillars to make the Community stronger and more stable. My intent has never changed: to provide our membership with a positive environment and a fun gaming experience. I invite every member of Task Force 121 to get in on building that up so we can continue to grow and improve.

- Duckworth (Ret)