Task Force 121 Newsletter Issue #0002

Thank you for taking the time to read the second official Task Force 121 newsletter. We greatly appreciate you taking the time to read these newsletters, as well as those who contribute. If you are interested in writing for the newsletter or have a cool video project you'd like to show off here please let us know! Additional thanks to our major Patreon supporter Ott!


Friday Night Fights With unrivaled success members of Task Force 121 have repeatedly shown up with the most amount of members to the public FNF events. At these 150 player PVP events we have been proud to field upwards of 25 players when slotting permits us to do so. Huge thanks to the FNF staff for hosting such an amazing event and allowing us to join them!

Star Wars Project Gray Suit, a project originally developed by East will finally come to fruition after the recent appointment of CPL Edging to lead "All things Star Wars" within the Task Force 121 community. Edging is a recent member to the S4 mission making team and has been tasked with leading in the development and making of Star Wars related missions. Thus far Edging has been able to flesh out a healthy modpack as well as beginning to develop framework for the Star Wars specific missions. Look for these missions to be offered to our Patreons as a sneak preview before going live to the unit as a whole. May the force be with you!


S-Shop News S-1 Personnel: SSG Barber continues to lead the section in flying colors as recruitment from October finished off the month strong and November continues on the same path. S-3 Training: The training department had a fairly easy month in October as more and more recruits to Task Force 121 travel through the pipeline into full fledged members. S3 is always looking for more training personnel to better suit new members who are joining from all parts of the world. S-4 Mission Making: We would like to extend a huge congratulations to PV2 Zay for hosting his first ever official Sunday Operation for the unit. Topping out at 31 players Zay was able to host a mechanically sound operation scoring a solid 8.02 average on his Zeus scores. We hope to see more quality missions from him in the future, as well as our new S4 trainees who are learning to develop missions for the unit! S-5 Media: Our streamers are having another successful month providing both Arma and other content for the world to enjoy. Our "Streamer of the Month" goes to our friend SGT Spicky. Click his name to be directed to his Twitch page and be sure to drop a follow! S-6 Server Team: Server admins are pleased to report a successful Sunday operation with all secondary services still running. (DCS, Arma instance, Project Zomboid server all running in unison). We believe that the DCS memory leak has been fixed in their most recent update providing better server performance for all our running instances. Company News Broadsword (Infantry): Broadsword Company would like to congratulate our playerbase for topping October 2019's average attendance (tracked via post op surveys). This October showed a nominal increase in attendance after several months of lower attendance compared to 2019. We hope our members continue having a kick ass time in the community and as Sunday averages increase members pave the way to grow smaller sub-units within Task Force 121, such as the ODA program. "It feels more like a group I want to see get better now. The fresh faces are helping with that. They are coachable and approachable." - SFC De Castris, S-3 Training Lead & head of Broadsword Leadership


PV1 to PV2 Butters

Zay Bunny







Zay PV2 to PFC Casval Watts

SPC to SGT Benguin SGT to SSG Barber Transferred to Warrant Officer (Rotary promotion path) Perkins Transferred to Officer Ranks (Fixed-Wing promotion path) Gump


Rampage (Armor) The Armor department seeks dedicated mission maker to host weekly/bi-weekly trainings and armor focused missions. ODA (Special Forces) With Mav and Jameson at the helm of the reformed ODA section the program sees new life as operation attendance peaks (tracked via post op surveys). These small unit based missions allow more "freedom" from regular Sunday Operations in both kit lists provided, as well as providing Rangers more opportunities to employ unconventional warfare tactics. If you are interested in ODA you can "try before you buy" by signing up as a filler spot in their weekly operations, or dive straight into the deep end by officially joining the program. Please contact Mav or Jameson for more details, and don't be afraid to poke your head into the #oda-info-channel on Discord!

"Mission planning tomorrow!" - SSG Jameson


The news article team seeks members of the DCS TF121 unit to add information to these articles. Are you a fly boy that has a "flare" for writing? Please contact East to get added onto the monthly newsletters. Thank you to all our loyal members for taking the time out of their schedules to play video games with us, as well as read these articles! - MAJ James East, Broadsword Company

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