Taskforce 121 Newsletter Issue #001

September has been a spectacular month of firsts for Task Force 121 as attendance ramps back up, department leads shuffle, and new events are added to our calendar. Read on to what is new, what's old, and what continues for the unit!

Announcements Friday Night Fights Task Force 121 is pleased to announce a commitment to join the Friday Night Fights large scale PVP events every other Friday, with the events starting at 18:30CDT. These events consist of several one life scenarios pitting up to 150 players against each other and are live broadcasted by Lcpl_Liru on Twitch! For TF121's first time in several years playing with FNF we were able to field 15 players and had a spectacularly fun time dropping buddies and spectating our friends. Slamtown Liberation

What's better than playing Arma 3 with friends? Playing Arma with your friends to benefit charities! Over the course of three weeks members of TF121 pitted against each other in two teams for the first ever Slamtown Liberation event, hosted by CDR Cullen and SGT Kenny. This event has teams competing in separate instances of Liberation, a gamemode that involves players taking over a hostile controlled island, with the team scoring the most points over the course of a three week period winning $1,000 USD for the charity of their choice. Team Battlecuddies, ran by team leader SGT Flood is playing for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. Team Bleating McGoatzos, led by MAJ East, will be playing for the EOD Warrior Foundation. We at TF121 would like to thank LT O'Neill for ponying up the prize money for this event, and Cullen and Kenny for hosting it. S-Shop News S1 Personnel: We are pleased to announce that SGT Barber will now be leading the S1 section. A long time member with 1,267 days in the unit he will be a fantastic choice to lead the department. S3 Training: The training department is still accepting applications at this time. All applications will be vetted by Command Staff, as well as the S3 department lead SFC De Castris. S4 Mission Making: Led by department lead MAJ East the S4 department continues to accept new members into the training pipeline. With the latest addition of CPL Edging to the department we hope the mission making department will be able to provide the Rampage (Armor) section of the unit with more of the high quality ops we have all come to enjoy. Additionally, October has the mission making department cleared on doing a series of throwback/retro missions. Expect to see 1980's infantry based missions, raids of cocaine stashes, and other unique missions! S5 Media: An official Task Force 121 stream team is in the works that will reward select TF121 streamers for their hard work and dedication to growing our media channels. SGT Flood continues to lead the S5 department despite the triumphant return of SGT Kenny. Will this shake up the s-shops? Will the memes continue? Stay tuned for future newsletters! S6 Server Team: Server admins continue to make sure all server instances remain in tip top operating shape. The S6 has discovered a memory leak with the DCS server instance, so until further notice we will take down the DCS server while the unit-wide Sunday Arma operations commence. Company News Broadsword (Infantry) News: Ranger attendance is on the rise for unit-wide Sunday Operations. The boys from Broadsword continue to work on tactically advancing their abilities via the occasional NCO class while welcoming new players that are fresh to Arma. Promotions PV1 to PV2 Perkins PV2 to PFC O'Neill (DCS Primary, non visible promotion) Stueby SPC to CPL (Lateral Promotion) Edging Moore CPL to SGT Spicky SGT to SSG P. Smith SSG to SFC De Castris Rampage (Armor) News: Rampage prepares to ramp back up with Thursday operations in the very near future with SFC Ericksen leading the department! With new S4 Mission Making members added to the roster that are also in Rampage Company we hope to see the department flourish. Stay tuned for more newsletters and unit news! - MAJ James East

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