The first of many to come!

Howdy all, in an effort to continue adding new features to our Arma unit we are proud to announce our officially endorsed TF121 newsletters and blog posts. Expect to see newsletters being pushed monthly-ish, with the occasional blog post scattered in. What goes into our newsletters and blog posts? Well I'm glad you asked! Newsletters are aimed to be published roughly once a month and will cover major changes, updates, and unit news. An example of a newsletter topic would be the recent change of ownership at Task Force 121, major changes and upgrades to our server hardware, new game servers being added to our list, etc. Blog posts can and will include "Meet a Member" posts, cool facts or stories related to the unit, post operation reports, and other fun stuff. Interested in becoming a writer for Task Force 121? Please talk to Calov or the head of the S5 department!

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