The history of TF121 and things that are [REDACTED]

So I've been around the unit for around 2 years 8 months-ish. And it has been a wild ride, dramas, personalities and stuffs happening that it deserves recognition. So I'm going to try and provide cheats to those who just joined in and wanting to know what names reference what meme here - Duckworth was the unit owner and the one who made it, up until the current command staff took over in his stead - Even older members than the ones you usually see on TS that impacted (in a way) the unit morale, Chinook (Ex-Command Staff), Griffith (OG-Weeb approval commitee) Bambi (Ex-Unit Mascot) Stewart (Ex-IDon'tEvenKnowButBasicallyGoodBloke) and Wiggins (Ex-NewCalov) - We reference Delta, and despite what you heard. I played with them within their detachment (we do have multiple detachments up until there were more detachments than the grunts. Which is a good meme) They're good guys, some are assholes but if you learn to squeeze it the right way they're actually decent people. As we were the one who picked up the slack and rebuild the whole unit foundation after the departure of the supposed B-team departure

- Full report regarding the Incident of B-team departure is for security clearance level-4 and above (Or basically just ask me)

- The try outs for DEVGRU / Delta back then was gruesome, it's an experience.

- We used to have MARSOC rolling with the marines back then (we were a marine unit before going rangers) and they're a primary target for blue-on-blue because they often went off position where they're supposed to be. And the gameplay became a PvEvP and it was a fun way of dodging bullets in 275 ping

- Medics used to be corpsman. They have their own tag, which makes you look more important than you actually are ( HN (FMF) Calov) with the navy tags and whatnot

- They have a quran book at the old old website which is a quote-book dedicated for me only and it's a long list

- We used to use a website and have you sign-up as if you're actually signing for a job (Jokes on you command staff it turns out to be a real job ain't it?)

- We used to have Tour of Duty OPs

- We used to have an Indonesian fireteam

I probably forgot other details, so maybe I'll make a part 2 but it's been fun reminiscing how this unit started out up until now. Looking back at it, I don't regret a single thing.

From left to right: Peter, Griffith, Calov, Chinook
Squad level bonding session with the boys 2 years ago

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