Welcome to Viet F'n Nam!

Gentlemen and gentleladies we are proud to announce that we now run a Task Force 121 branded Rising Storm 2 Vietnam server! Read on below!

Thanks to GS-4 Kevin for laying the groundwork we are proud to announce that our Rising Storm 2 Vietnam server is available for the entire player-base of the Task Force 121 unit, as well as the general public. To join the server simply launch your Rising Storm 2 client, and search for "Task Force 121" in the server browser. It should pop right up and you can get right into the action. Don't have the game yet? There have been mumblings about potential give-a-ways courtesy of CS, so keep an eye on announcements! As a reminder to those who already have the game, with just four or five people seeding our server it takes only a couple of games to completely populate the server. Don't be afraid to reach out to your friends to help seed the server for a couple of games, it greatly helps us out. Interested in writing blog posts and news letters for the Task Force? Contact S5 today!


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